Issue 6, Page 6 (and a short hiatus)

Hey friends!

So some of you may have noticed my updates have been uploaded late (or not at all) lately, and that’s because life is starting to get in the way of arting. While I try to balance all aspects of my life again, I’m gonna put The Night Surfers on a hiatus for a month.

I may upload a sketch or two during the hiatus, so feel free to drop by and check to see what’s here, but make sure to come back in late February for the continued adventures of The Night Surfers!

Sorry, Surfers!

Hey guys!

So, you might be wondering what’s going on with the page update. Well, we’ve had some major house remodeling happening lately, and that’s made my room a complete wasteland. Also, now that that’s done, Photoshop is starting to get all whacked out on me.

So please bear with me as I try to work through those issues, haha.