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So, you want spoilers, eh? Well, to jump-start those of you who don’t feel inclined to read from the beginning (it’s okay, I still love you 😉 ), here’s a crash course:


The Creator

The Night Surfers is written, illustrated, and webbed by Chris Buñag.


The Plot (so far)

Four teenagers, living in the coastal city of Costa Nueva, meet untimely deaths. They’re brought back to life by the mysterious being named Lifegaard, with the essence of monsters imbued into their bodies and a new goal in life: to save the world from Silica, the evil Sand Witch. They become The Night Surfers, and use their newfound powers to protect their city.

After searching throughout Costa Nueva with destruction in her wake, Silica found what she was looking for: the Monstrum Orbis, a powerful orb that granted its owner immense magical power. She was unable to open the chest that contained it, but the fact that it was in Silica’s possession was too dangerous.

The Night Surfers found Silica’s hidden castle, and after surviving its many perils, they came upon the Sand Witch herself. The battle wasn’t easy, and our heroes nearly lost, but they managed to get the best of Silica in the end. As she cursed the Night Surfers for outsmarting her, the chest containing the Monstrum Orbis fell into the ocean, and Silica plummeted into the ocean as well in her attempt to save it.

Our heroes saved the city of Costa Nueva, and even the world. They’re the Night Surfers. When peace takes five, they hang ten!


Drake Shoreline / a.k.a. Bloodshot

Drake’s an easy-going guy who loves surfing in Costa Nueva with his pals.  After dying in a surfing accident, Lifegaard brought him back to life with the powers of the vampire.  As Bloodshot, he has the power of the Life Force Drain, which allows him to drain the energy of his foes. He’s been designated as the leader of The Night Surfers, which he still hasn’t quite mastered.


Lily Pacifico / a.k.a. Allure

Lily is a girl’s girl. She loves shopping, boys, and tanning. That all came to a stop when she was killed in a car accident. Brought back to life by Lifegaard, she’s been given the powers of the Succubus. As Allure, her Energy Kiss can immobilize her enemy. In battle, she has proven that she’s more than just a girl’s girl, being a vital part of The Night Surfers team.


Jacob Mizugiwa / a.k.a. Wraith

Jacob’s 100% nerd. From his vast collection of video games to his anime figures, he’s definitely not what you’d call stereotypically “cool.” Killed by a falling beam while waiting at a bus stop, Lifegaard brought him back to life with the powers of the Ghost. As Wraith, his powers of invisibility and intangibility make him a vital tactical asset to The Night Surfers. He’s still getting used to the norms of social situations though.


Harry Waters / a.k.a. Titan

Harry is the star quarterback of the Costa Nueva High School Manta Rays. He’s got a ton of people trying to be his friend, but he always prefers the quiet thoughtfullness of being by himself. After plummeting to his death from a cliff, Lifegaard brought Harry back to life with the powers of the Sasquatch. As Titan, he’s imbued with immense strength, allowing him to mow down almost anything in his path.


Silica / a.k.a. The Sand Witch

Not much is known about Silica, except that she’s bent on ruling the world as most villains are wont to do. Searching for a mysterious orb with the help of her sandrones and sandestroyers, she believes this orb will reunite her with her lost love and grant her immense power.


Sandrones and Sandestroyers

Sent to Costa Nueva by the Sand Witch, the Sandrones and Sandestroyers began to terrorize the city, with only The Night Surfers equipped to stop them. The Sandrones are pretty easy to take out, emphasizing quantity rather than strength, but the Sandestroyers require quite a bit of teamwork to defeat. Not specifically sent to merely destroy, they’ve been sent out to find some kind of orb for the Sand Witch.


Flow, The Werewolf

Flow is one of Silica’s Night Terrors. His strength and speed is unmatched, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also has an armored arm and super-sharp claws! He’s kind of a hot-head, but you can occasionally catch him wagging his tail when something strikes his fancy.


Moray, The Gorgon

Not much is known about Moray, other than she is one of Silica’s Night Terrors.


Aria, The Siren

Not much is known about Aria, other than she is one of Silica’s Night Terrors.


Lux, The Mummy

Not much is known about Lux, other than he is one of Silica’s Night Terrors.