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“Wreck-it Ralph” Fan Art!

“Wreck-it Ralph” Fan Art! published on No Comments on “Wreck-it Ralph” Fan Art!

Just saw “Wreck-it Ralph,” and my obsession with that movie (video games and candy? That’s basically my life) resulted in this little piece of fanart. I did it in a style reminiscent of “Yoshi’s Island,” and it showcases all the racers from “Sugar Rush” bursting out of a box of chocolates, sans King Candy.

Check it out at my personal DA account.

New “Behind the Scenes” Article!

New “Behind the Scenes” Article! published on No Comments on New “Behind the Scenes” Article!

I added a new “Articles” section in “Extras,” with the first article being a behind-the-scenes look at how I go about making a page of “The Night Surfers”!

Check it out here!

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